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Areas of Practice

Estate Law and Probate

Last will and testament

Probate is a formal legal process that recognizes a will and ensures the personal representative administering the estate is distributing the assets and estate to the intended individuals. Mitchell Hays is experienced and prepared to discuss with you whether a probate proceeding is needed in your situation. Probate is not needed if the assets and estate are transferred to a living trust throughout lifetime, or owned jointly. His expertise in administrating assets will ease some of the burden should you have lost a loved one and need assistance in navigating Estate Law and Probate.

Family Law

Family standing in front of house

Mitchell Hays practices Family Law. Family Law refers to legal rules, court procedures, and regulations within the family unit. His careful legal services include Family Law to guide family issues that need to be pursued in court. Mitchell Hays understands how personal family matters can be, and takes a special approach in making sure each member is appropriately assisted. He specializes in divorce, child custody, prenuptial agreements, and other marriage asset decisions.

Property Law

house next to a gavel

This law governs land ownership and tenancy corresponding to real estate or property. Mitchell Hays assists with the immovable property of land which includes trees, structures, buildings, and anything that may be attached to the area. This also pertains to interests, benefits, and rights – he can examine each part to determine who holds the right to the land and what is attached to that land now, and in the future.

Civil Litigation

Contract on table with gavel

Mitchell Hays is experienced in civil litigation, which is the assistance in settling non-criminal disputes such as car accidents, evictions, and contested divorces. He works to stand on behalf of his clients, making sure each one understands the court proceedings and the next steps in civil litigation cases. It is important that the basic steps to this kind of lawsuit are made clearly, and he has a wealth of knowledge to take his legal services to the next level.

Personal Injury

Injured old man on crutches with lawyer

The last thing one may want to do after being injured in any way is navigate the legal Personal Injury path alone. Many individuals are injured in accidents or situations that weren’t their fault, and Mitchell Hays will assist in the legal claim process against the responsible party to ensure his client receives the settlement he or she deserves. These accidents may be car accidents, an injury at work, property damages, or an increase in medical treatments.


Divorce form with gavel about to smash wedding rings

Mitchell Hays can help organize the termination of a marriage, a legal term for divorce. He understands this may be a complicated, stressful situation and in turn, carefully assists the couple through the court system as simply as possible. Divorce Law is part of Family Law, and includes legal areas such as Child Support, Child Custody or Visitation, Spousal Support, and Division of Property and Debt.

Disclaimer: No representation is made that the quality of services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.

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